International Scientific Conference of the City Guard 

        This year, the City Guard of Krakow celebrates the 30th anniversary of its existence. On this occasion, we decided to organise an international conference entitled “City Guardian means who? Professional identity of city guards today and tomorrow." This year's anniversary provides a unique opportunity to discuss the normative, social and psychological aspects of the functioning of city guards and their future role in local security systems. Both individual lectures and discussion panels have been provided for during the deliberations. The latter will be devoted to the experience of selected urban guards from Central and Eastern Europe in the field of prevention in schools, environmental protection and the use of new technologies. The conference will also present the results of quantitative and qualitative research on the professional identity of city guards and their satisfaction with work, stress and professional evasion. 
     The conference is addressed to scientists, local government activists, government officials, representatives of city guards, politicians, MPs, senators, as well as journalists and publicists. I am convinced that both participants and organisers will benefit greatly from the presence of a representative of the Jagiellonian University at this conference. 
We very much count on your participation in our conference and on the exchange of valuable experiences that we will be able to use to improve security in our cities.